Things to be considered while designing Creative Print Ads


Are you promoting a new startup company, brand or are  you looking to gain new followers for services you are offering, you can utilise print designs for advertising is still a way to build brand awareness.

Things to be taken care of while creating effective Design

Attracting new potential customers to learn more about your brand by creating effective print advertising designs is a way to outshine potential competitors.Below are the items for designing print advertisements that people remember and take action upon.

Having clear message

Having a clear message in mind is imperative when making print advertising designs. Consider the message you want to share and brainstorm the sole message and purpose of print ad you have in mind and what you hope the reader or potential customer takes away from the ad themselves.

Always use your Logo

Use an updated and visually-appealing logo. Working with professional graphic designers is a way to ensure your advertisements are ready for print production. Having an updated logo is not only a way to stand out as a modern brand, but it is also a way for others to easily remember your brand

Opt a Colour Theme

 Ensure that the color scheme within your print ad is streamlined with your logo colors

Consider Size & Resolution while Designing

Consider the size of your print advertising designs when you are working to complete any graphics or prints. Print design requires a higher DPI, or dots per inch. print design requires a DPI of 72 to 300, which is why it is essential to only utilize high-quality graphics, photos and vector images when working with print design. It is also important to consider the type of media you plan to print all of your advertisement designs on before moving forward with final renders of any images.

Use Print friendly Images

Using print-friendly images is essential whenever you are creating new print advertisement designs for your branding. Be sure that all of your designs and photos are print-ready, copyright-free & have high resolution. If you are unsure of what classifies as a print-friendly graphic or image, working with a professional designer or agency is one way to get the printed advertisement you need without quality reduction.

Always add CTA – Call to Action

Adding a call to action within print advertising design is a way to generate leads for the services you offer. Call to action can be added by providing a QR code for smartphones and even implementing a URL for your website so others are aware of how to go about learning more regarding your brand or business.

Provide something in return

Providing something in return such as a discounts, offers, coupons, contest, giveaway or even a QR code scan for individuals to find out more about your brand is a way to build awareness and generate interest.

Happy Advertising..