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    • SMS in Indian language?

      SMS in Indian language?

      Communicate to your audience by messaging them in the language they are comfortable

    • Auto DND filter

      Auto DND filter

      Online DND Filteration does not allow SMS to be sent to users registered with DND Numbers.

    • Instant delivery

      Instant delivery

      Check out the delivery report of sent messages in your user panel in realtime. It couldn't get faster.

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      No Setup Fee

      We just charge for the SMSs you buy and nothing extra. No setup fee or extra money is demanded.

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      SMS Scheduling

      Schedule your messages to get themselves delivered at the time and date you want.

    • Mass Marketing

      Mass Marketing

      Use it for marketing, promotions, advertisement and more to make a BOOM for your business

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      Low Price

      High services = low price is a key-feature of BulkSMS.ooo. Find a low price & we will match it.

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    • Reliable SMS Delivery

      Reliable SMS Delivery

      Dedicated sms gateways that provide lighting fast sms delivery. Delivery time – 9 am to 9 pm.

    • Dynamic Sender ID

      Dynamic Sender ID

      Promotional gateway dynamically creates numeric sender ids that will reflect as a sender name to the recipients like LM-034121.

    • CRITICAL Route

      CRITICAL Route

      All Promotional SMS will be delivered instantly without any delay. so, No suprises

    • No Technical Skills Required

      No Technical Skills Required

      This Web panel is very easy to use. Has Simple & Clear Process with detailed description.

    Bulk SMS Chennai

    Are you looking for Bulk SMS in Chennai? Yes, you are at a right place. You can send SMS in Bulk to any Indian mobile numbers at an affordable cost.

    Start using our SMS service today and grow your business exponentially by increasing your customer acquisition and retention rates.

    Bulk SMS types:

    In India, there are two types of bulk SMS services namely promotional bulk SMS and transactional bulk SMS having their own pros and cons. With the help of promotional bulk SMS you can reach a large set of customers in a short span of time and you can communicate with you customers using your transactional bulk SMS, the transactional bulk SMS service are ideal for invites, information’s regarding transactions and payments, School management, holiday notifications, etc.

    Chennaicompany.com provides bulk SMS services that help any business to expand its potential. SMS marketing service is one of the best ways to enhance your business plan, strategy and increase more opportunities.

    Promotional bulk SMS service

    • Your promotional SMS will be sent to all non DND numbers.
    • There is no need to extract DND numbers as it would be done automatically.
    • A detailed report of delivery can be viewed online.
    • The promotional Bulk SMS in Chennai are mainly used to promote any products or services and in turn generate leads are in the form of website traffic. In Chennai you can utilize promotional bulk SMS service for sending offers, coupon codes, travel coupons, services.
    • The SMS should be sent as per the TRAI regulation. TRAI maintains a registry of DND numbers, technically termed as NCPR (national do not call registry). This registry is shared with all telemarketing agencies and companies.
    • As per the travel regulation, SMS should not be sent to any DND numbers. Our Bulk SMS system ensures that the promotional messages are not delivered to any DND numbers by using a feature called Auto DND filter.
    • In promotional marketing media the bulk SMS marketing is considered as the cheapest marketing media to reach a huge volume of people.
    • For promotional bulk SMS, TRAI also specifies the delivery timing of SMS between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.
    • With regard to the delivery of SMS our system follows retry mechanism. With bulk retry mechanism our system will check for any SMS delivery to mobile numbers with the status not reachable and switched off. This retry will be tried for at least three times with a variable interval frequency.
    • Text for promotional bulk SMS – Message should have a maximum of 160 characters.

    Our bulk SMS system is basically and web-based system where people can login anytime anywhere using Internet service and uploaded contacts and send a message in bulk. Our Bulk SMS solution is designed in such a way customer can easily use the system to send a huge volume of SMS to any Indian numbers. This bulk SMS solution is used by both individuals and business people to send a large volume of text messages to market their products or services.

    Bulk SMS service in Chennai provides and affordable way for promoting and marketing to have a greater visibility.

    With bulk SMS in Chennai, you can send SMS from any computer or PC or mobile devices. Bulk SMS marketing is categorized under digital marketing services in Chennai.

    Bulk SMS Usage:

    • In financial service industry the bulk SMS service are used to send transactional alerts, payment due notifications and payment confirmation.
    • In Retail Industry the bulk SMS in Chennai is used to send coupons, festival offers, promotions and Loyalty program Communications.
    • In hospitality sector the bulk SMS in Chennai is used for hotel booking confirmation, Hotel reservation information and event notifications. Also used for payment notifications and payment reminders.
    • In education system the bulk SMS in Chennai is primarily integrated with attendance system a student management system through which the educational institutions send fee reminders, student rankings , student marks under School closure notifications
    • In stock market industry the bulk SMS service is used to notify trade confirmation, end of their positions and market news information.
    • In information technology industry the bulk SMS service in Chennai is used for password notification message, server uptime an downtime notifications. Also in information technology sector the SMS services would be integrated with the company’s ERP and billing systems.
    • The bulk SMS service in Chennai is used in nonprofit organization, clubs and societies for sending event updates, meeting invitations and membership renewal alerts and SMS notifications.
    • In Indian health club industry, bulk SMS services are primarily used to send the classrooms schedules, membership renewal offers and health tips to the customers.
    • In travel industry, bulk SMS service in Chennai is primarily used to send flight cancellation notification, booking confirmation, flight delay information majorly for airline and factors.
    • In recruitment and consultancy industry sector, the bulk SMS services are used to send information regarding job openings, interview schedule notifications and interview reminders to the job seekers.
    • In real estate industry the promotional bulk SMS campaign are highly used to send payment reminders to the customers and also to announce the property launches and offers to the customers
    • In automobile industry sector the promotional bulk SMS is used to send promotional offers and the transaction bulk SMS services are used to send service reminders, invitations to test drive and customer loyalty feedback surveys.

    Why should we use bulk SMS marketing to send bulk SMS?

    In India the SMS marketing is the newest and affordable form of advertising that is used by the businesses to promote their brand along with their products and services to a huge set of potential customers through mobile phones. Now a days the bulk SMS medium are treated as an alternative to be traditional marketing medium due to the huge penetration of mobile customers in India.

    Chennaicompany.com is one of the leading service providers of high priority bulk SMS service. & bulk SMS gateway providers in Chennai delivering services all over India.

    Mobile Marketing with Bulk SMS service

    In the Mobile World, the bulk SMS marketing is considered as an effective tool to reach a huge set of customers and businesses. Also there are many businesses that are currently seeing a better result in the form of sales, conversations, lead generation and brand recognition through bulk SMS marketing. The bulk SMS marketing would be suitable for any kind of business – Startups, small, small & medium sized businesses and even large businesses. These businesses send a huge volume of SMS and text messages through Global SMS marketing and greatly benefit from its cheap mode of mass communication.

    Transactional SMS:

    Apart from promotional bulk SMS service, the transactional bulk SMS services can be used to send communication information to customers. The transactional bulk SMS option has additional features such as sender ID and the delivery would be at any time 24/7 x 365 days. The primary reason the transactional SMS is used by the businesses is that SMS will be delivered to any mobile numbers in India; it can either be a DND or non DND numbers

    The items that are feature in transactional SMS and which is not available on promotional SMS is the 6 digit sender ID, anytime delivery , any number delivery and micro-second instant delivery.

    Steps to send transactional bulk SMS:

    The customer’s has to submit a form assuring to send SMS for transactional purposes.

    The templates used to send SMS should be authenticated before sending through the transactional route through a process called template approval.

    Our Esteemed Clients

    About Chennai Company

    ChennaiCompany.com offers services to Businesses to manage and grow their business with peace of mind. Chennai Company serves wide range of clients throughout Chennai spanning across various industries.

    Chennai Company is an 3 year old company based out in Chennai wants to become a service provider for businesses offering exemplary & comprehensive range of services, solutions & consulting with unsurpassed quality at an affordable price. Our sole aim is to be a sought-after player known for reliability, efficiency, stability & confidentiality.

    Our History

    Started in 2013, Chennai Company with expertise in web technology & digital marketing with early focus on web design & development, enterprise solutions, creative development & online advertising and later successfully expanded its operations to outdoor advertising media. As so, we are now equipped to plan & execute complete outdoor media requirements in addition to online services we offer to businesses, which in-turn help businesses increase their local and global presence.

    Discover more about us

    ChennaiCompany.com launches Learning Center, an educational blog to help entrepreneur’s with startup tips, technology news & how to Sections . To know more visit the Learning Center. Accumulating both technical & marketing experience, Chennai Company is now a one-stop destination for business needs.

    Expertise in Mobile & Web Technology

    Our in-depth understanding on web products & coding frameworks keep us developing professional web applications & android apps with Rich UI at ease.

    Certified on Online Advertising

    certification is a professional accreditation to demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of online advertising. We are Ad certified experts.

    Offline Marketing Focus drilled to Chennai

    Based out in Chennai, Our outdoor media campaigns are highly focused in & around Chennai city, being able to solve barriers in offline advertising.

    Reasons to choose Chennai Company

    Authorised PayU Biz Partner
    PayUbiz's partner program is designed to serve merchants / businesses better by offering best in class payment processing with customer service.
    Authorised Godaddy Reseller
    Making sure that our customers use best products for their web applications by using the products from world's largest domain name registrar.
    Fair & Transparent Pricing
    We follow a fair & transparent pricing structure. we do not have hidden fees associated with any of our services/products. Simply no hidden charges
    Breadth & Depth of Offering
    In depth knowledge with deep understanding on functional aspects to focus on brand, positioning, web presence, content marketing and awareness.
    One-Stop-Shop for Business
    By offering a wide range of services, the idea is to provide convenient & efficient service to customers by being a one-stop destination for businesses.
    Technical + Marketing Expert
    Our mix of traditional and new media along with technical expertise helps businesses to convey its advertising message & grow exponentially.