Professional Welcome Message


Automated Voice Response System (AVRS) can answer incoming calls, ask questions, and provide information using pre-recorded speech and it takes input touch tones.

Professional Connectivity 24×7 – IVR CHENNAI

Allow callers to access or retrieve personalised data with the touch of a button without the help of additional staff

Multiple Extensions

With Virtual Receptionist, the callers can be diverted to multiple departments. Even if the office is small – multiple departments can be created to give the impression of a bigger company.

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Call Forwarding


Virtual Receptionist allows you and your employees to stay connected from the road, at home or anywhere you go. With Call transfer, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home.

Call Forwarding: Free Call Forwarding : No call forwarding or call connect extra charges. You do not have to extra per minute for call connect charges and is included for Free within the plan.

Call Details


Virtual receptionist allows you to keep track of all calls made on your number with details such as caller details, time and duration of call, recordings of call etc in real time from anywhere using online control panel.


Call Recordings


Call recording is great for Consultants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and other professionals looking to record contractual conversations.


After Hours Support


Ask any businessman and he will have stories to share about a big order that came when he was working late in the office. However for every single order won – many are lost because the phone was not answered.


On Hold Music



On Hold Music from Virtual Receptionist is a great way to keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold. You can choose from several available music selections or create your own custom music and on hold commercials.


Click to Call


Virtual Receptionist provides outgoing call facility at the client backend. Outgoing calls can be made from the computer by clicking on the phone icon situated next to the numbers on the Call Logs View and Customer Contact View.


Vanity Numbers

It is important for certain types of business to have eye catching numbers. When people hear the number on radio advertisement or see the number displayed on a hoarding, banner, print or TV – they memorize it immediately.

Number Portability

Your existing number (mobile or tollfree) has already been circulated in the market and is present on the business cards and stationery. Using Number Portability it is possible to migrate your existing number on the Virtual Receptionist platform seamlessly.


Our Esteemed Clients

About Chennai Company

ChennaiCompany.com offers services to Businesses to manage and grow their business with peace of mind. Chennai Company serves wide range of clients throughout Chennai spanning across various industries.

Chennai Company is an 3 year old company based out in Chennai wants to become a service provider for businesses offering exemplary & comprehensive range of services, solutions & consulting with unsurpassed quality at an affordable price. Our sole aim is to be a sought-after player known for reliability, efficiency, stability & confidentiality.

Our History

Started in 2013, Chennai Company with expertise in web technology & digital marketing with early focus on web design & development, enterprise solutions, creative development & online advertising and later successfully expanded its operations to outdoor advertising media. As so, we are now equipped to plan & execute complete outdoor media requirements in addition to online services we offer to businesses, which in-turn help businesses increase their local and global presence.

Discover more about us

ChennaiCompany.com launches Learning Center, an educational blog to help entrepreneur’s with startup tips, technology news & how to Sections . To know more visit the Learning Center. Accumulating both technical & marketing experience, Chennai Company is now a one-stop destination for business needs.

Expertise in Mobile & Web Technology

Our in-depth understanding on web products & coding frameworks keep us developing professional web applications & android apps with Rich UI at ease.

Certified on Online Advertising

certification is a professional accreditation to demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of online advertising. We are Ad certified experts.

Offline Marketing Focus drilled to Chennai

Based out in Chennai, Our outdoor media campaigns are highly focused in & around Chennai city, being able to solve barriers in offline advertising.

Reasons to choose Chennai Company

Authorised PayU Biz Partner
PayUbiz's partner program is designed to serve merchants / businesses better by offering best in class payment processing with customer service.
Authorised Godaddy Reseller
Making sure that our customers use best products for their web applications by using the products from world's largest domain name registrar.
Fair & Transparent Pricing
We follow a fair & transparent pricing structure. we do not have hidden fees associated with any of our services/products. Simply no hidden charges
Breadth & Depth of Offering
In depth knowledge with deep understanding on functional aspects to focus on brand, positioning, web presence, content marketing and awareness.
One-Stop-Shop for Business
By offering a wide range of services, the idea is to provide convenient & efficient service to customers by being a one-stop destination for businesses.
Technical + Marketing Expert
Our mix of traditional and new media along with technical expertise helps businesses to convey its advertising message & grow exponentially.

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