Bus Ad

Bus Advertising in Chennai

We are instrumental in providing Bus Branding Advertising Service which is widely used by Govt. Depts, Real Estate, Mobile companies and etc for branding their products. It reaches the common public immediately because it goes nook and corner of the city/town/ village. With our in-depth expertise, we offer a range of Bus Branding Advertisings for various brands. All these services are rendered under the supervision of domain experts by following a systematic and professional approach. Our innovative advertising campaigns generate good results and are capable of enhancing the reputation of the brand. Our prices are affordable and our Bus Branding Advertisings are outstanding.

This advertisements are done in MTC  buses in all over Chennai and the advertisements are fixed in rear side of the bus and the rear side of the drivers’ cabin and also in the sides of the buses.

This type of advertisements are used in promotional activities such as launching program, Inauguration of companies, advertisement of corporate companies. This advertisement will attract the view of the passengers who wait for the bus and of those who passes by through car, bike, bus etc.

Why Chennai Company?

This advertisements are fixed by expert professionals which gives a crystal clear view of the advertisement without any wrinkles. We do not compromise on the work done and there will be no fake report. We give report to the client by giving photos of each and every advertisement.

Your brand gets more visibility when it moves around the city positioned properly on a City Bus/Metro Taxi. We are known for choosing the best creative and presenting a good display with required possible innovations. The Advertiser can enjoy the full wrap display on City Buses (Outside & Inside) with coverage from each and every corner of City. So, you can move your brand with AdWorld.

Buses go where people go – where they live, shop, work and play and so does the advertising on buses. The strength of the bus as an advertising medium is its constant ability to find a crowd. A bus advertisement “mingles with consumers,” and follows the flow of shoppers and their spending power – speaking, showing and selling along the way.

Bus advertising provides great street- level reads to a commuting audience and throughout metropolitan areas. As buses slowly cruise city streets, your message can be seen by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on this large transit media. A bus ad ignites trends and fuels demand for the products and services they promote as they connect the dots between where the journey begins and ends. Advertising on buses builds and reinforces brand images as they go with the flow.

In order to target your audience, bus advertising is available by selecting specific routes. With enough coverage and careful planning, buses can be used to reach a general market audience very effectively.