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Bulk SMS in Chennai

Bulk SMS Advertising in Chennai has been the finest advertising tool for Advertising & Event Management Industry.

Today world is talking about various advertising and selling techniques, brand promotions, in-house event management services to promote their end product. Print ads.TV Promos.Large billboards.Diversified social media sites and web platforms are few of the brand promotion practices adopted by these industries.

Currently, with the increase in mobile penetration and every individual possessing a mobile phone. It has made the brand promotion using bulk sms advertising in Chennai, job much easier. The use of bulk SMS advertising in Chennai by the advertisers and brand promoters have indeed become an effective means to promote a brand or a product. It also promises to reach out specific market targets at a single shot and is much secured as compared to other promotional activities.

Bulk SMS Advertising in Chennai

Use of Bulk SMS Advertising creates a much comfortable environment for any event management companies. Being the most cost effective methods to promote brands and services. Many advertising and event management companies prefer bulk SMS advertising in Chennai to reach out masses at large. It saves lot of time and money. It also saves for building their brand image.

While most of these companies depend on branding and marketing strategies. They tend to spend a lot on visual and audio ads. This in turn consumes lot of time and money. With the help of bulk SMS service in Chennai, these advertising and event management houses find their work easier and much faster.

At present, companies are building their brand image to reach out to more customers. These companies prefer unique methods for endorsing their products and services. Considered as one of the most demanding industry, advertising and event promotions have been the buzzword in the market today. They form the publicity hub for any business houses and deal with various modes of brand equity for their products.

Advertising industry is most powerful in terms of getting quick responses from the market. Though one cannot strictly gauge the reaction of any brand driven exercise. One can at least get a rough idea about the product response from the sales perspective.

Branding Businesses follow unique bulk SMS advertising to get latest updates or reaction about the product.

  • To get quick reviews.
  • Responses.
  • Surveys or product polling.

These bulk SMS advertising services are quite handy and effective.

We provide bulk SMS advertising in Chennai to promote ads via SMS to all existing and new prospect customers. We help you to build relation with all your old and new customers. Advertiser and Event Managers can use these bulk SMS advertising services to disseminate information as follow.

  • Related to product launches.
  • Brand promotional activities.
  • Limited time period for product sale events.
  • Creating brand awareness.
  • Highlighting best of product value.
  • And many more services for building brand image.

Our services will highlight your brand name in the industry.

Bulk SMS Advertising in Chennai is the most flexible way to build brand name among these industry. And we create a personal touch by sending out bulk SMS advertising to each individual.

This decade has seen two major changes in the Banking industry using bulk SMS. Advent of the ATM/Internet has reduced the competitive advantage of bigger Banks in terms of higher physical presence and the distinction between the Banks and Financial service organization has vanished as Banks have matured into a complete personal finance institutions providing bouquet of financial services under one umbrella. These shifts in the Banking industry have made them to look for multiple and alternate channels to engage the customer by providing him/her with value added services & to look for innovative means of reducing the transaction costs per- customer. Mobile messaging provides a cost effective means to engage a customer and build a long-term relationship.


There are bulk SMS sites in Chennai that provides these services for banks. With it, banks can send SMS alerts on their customers regarding their personal accounts, new promos, customer service, access to services and a lot more. They can even do this unlimited and beyond borders – with bulk SMS international, they can even message their clients who are abroad.


SMS provides fast, direct and secure communications with clients, and adds the additional benefit of direct personalized transactions.


Delivering information to the right audience at the right time is one of the critical aspects of business communication. Hemsmedia.com  has a host of messaging solutions across various delivery platforms, designed to cater to communication needs of an enterprise, over and above traditional channels.

Monitor The Progress of Your SMS Campaigns and Broadcasts using Our Instantaneous and Dynamic .


  • Agents can pick up calls from home or office, anywhere. Smart IVR sociability allows you to add more agents during peak load hours without making any additional investments.
  • Call Queues
  • Control caller’s experience while their call is waiting in a queue. Smart IVR helps to select music message which callers can hear, minimizes waiting time and numbers of callers in queue.
  • Call Reports
  • Monitoring call center activities via web-based reports is more convenient.
    It is easy to track records such as call duration, number of answered calls, number of agents logged in and many more in just one click.
  • Record & Transfer Calls
  • Help you to record and transfer each call. This provides information about the customer requirements and also helps to track how their needs and queries are taken care by the customer support team.


We provide Outbound Telemarketing Services which comprises of an innovative call centre Set-up, equipped with all the latest tools, which enable us to make successful email marketing and  marketing calls for your products and services. Each Outbound Call is recorded so as to ensure that the quality of the Outbound Calls made from the Call centre, are not deteriorated at any stage of the ongoing conversation between the agent and the prospect customer. Our experience and expertise in handling Outbound Call centre Services makes it possible to successfully accomplish, each project we undertake for email marketing and sales of the products and services, offered by you.

SMS Service Paving it’s Way for Courier and Logistic Sectors

Considered one of the premium services, over the years the Couriers and Logistic sector has come a long way while delivering goods and services within the stipulated time. With every other industry adopting globalization, these Couriers and Logistic companies have also witnessed few worthy changes in the way of its processing. Smooth trading facilities, accepting new technologies and increasing market demand have given rise to competitive markets allowing positive growth and long-term business for Courier and Logistic sector.

Though postal and other mail delivery services are still available in the market, courier and logistics services have been forefront considering the speed, security and modernized methods used for delivering consignments. People today rely more on ‘just-on-time’ deliverables across the globe. With the introduction of modern retailing techniques and supply-chain logistics, courier and logistic services have improvised immensely on customer satisfaction and strengthen its value for services.

In order to improve the service level of logistics and transportation, SMS messaging service has proved to be an efficient mode for communication. It becomes necessary for every company to inform clients about the consignment delivery status, track consignment whereabouts, send out alerts and important updates and many more features regarding delivery status. For all this SMS service proves to be a vital tool to connect with the end user. SMS alerts can also be provided while the consignment is on transit. This facility helps Courier and Logistic companies to build trust among its customers and clients.

Logistics Companies can make use of SMS messaging services to launch various SMS notifications, alerts, reminders, delivery details for the orders placed. This will help to reduce the cost involved in setting up customer care centers and will make the work much easier. For the transportation department also alerts, instructions or updates can be instantly sent to drivers so that they deliver products on given time.

Even Bulk SMS Services can improve a lot on business communications for both companies as well its clients involved in Courier and Logistics services. Quick and instant messages can be delivered anytime and anywhere to masses at large. One of the simplest and cost effective measures, bulk messaging proves to be gaining popularity among the Courier and Logistics industries.

Movers and Packers, Third-Party Logistics, Logistics cells of enterprise business have been using SMS technology to improve its efficiency. Chennai Company facilitates Bulk SMS services in Chennai to advertise, market, communicate and delivery perfect Management Information system for these Courier and Logistics Companies. We take pride in offering SMS services for getting orders, picking up parcels and packages, notifying track records about the parcel details and providing information regarding prices, any Discounts offers, new Proposals, enquiries, suggestion or information to our Courier and Logistic clients.

As it is a known fact, Courier and Logistic services are time bound services, it becomes essential for them to delivery their services on time. If they do not deliver their services on assured time, they may lose out customers, which may indirectly affect their business. With our bulk messaging services, we help them to deliver their services on time while achieving better customer satisfaction level.

Bulk Messaging Service Browses Across Online Portals and E-Commerce

Online portals has evolved in a long way keeping “Netizens” glued to their computers or smart phones 24/7 accessing one or the information over the Internet. Online shopping portals, electronic fund transfers, blogs, social networking sites, gaming zones, browsing web portals, processing online transaction, surfing internet based jobs, etc have increased over a period of time. It is a need of an hour for online portals and e-Commerce companies to stay connected with their customers giving them timely updates and offer details regularly. In order to improve on customer satisfaction, bulk SMS Service in Chennai seems to be the best platform for e-commerce and online portal companies. Text Messages being quick, reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective and secured form for communicating, e-commerce and online portal vendors have found it quite easier to make use of it to run the business. Sending SMS on regular basis to customers helps them to sustain well in the market and make profits in the long run. SMS service also helps to win confidence among net users who strive hard to get notifications and important updates regularly on their mobile phones.



ChennaiCompany.com provides Web based SMS system is a complete solution for School/College communications with parents. It assures Student-Truancy reduction and provides emergency SMS alerts to parents and Students and any selected group.This SMS software provides a brilliant service for staff to contact parents or each other about school related issues.

As all teachers are aware, time constraints often mean that they are unable to contact parents within school hours, but this service allows short messages to be delivered immediately to their mobile phone in the form of a text message. Parents will be happy that the School/Colleges are really concerned about their Ward and not just contacting when the fees is required to be paid.

It is a very flexible service as it allows groups of parents to know about school functions or notices (for example, a deadline for coursework) or it can be used to contact individuals.


ChennaiCompany.com connects National, International and also local educational establishments, schools, colleges etc., with more number of potential students, parents and other targeted receivers. We aim to maximize client’s brand visibility in targeted and relevant locations and augment their campaigns further ensuring maximum number of lead generation possible is achieved. The digital campaigns for lead generation and further the lead management services are strategist and delivered using modern technology based bulk email and bulk SMS services in Chennai . The entire service package is designed and executed to deliver increased brand visibility, higher user engagement and optimization of resources. 


Our SMS messaging solutions have successfully been used in manufacturing to provide reliable and time-outs notifications of serious system issues such as downtime and changes in security status to both customers and clients. In addition it has also been used as a preventative measure for these issues. Introduce SMS technology to increase efficiency, speed and availability in your industry. SMS functionality offers excellent solutions and services both to you and your customers, partners, suppliers, etc. Then SMS sending and receiving will be an easy and effective method to improve corporate communication within and outside of your company.

Manufacturing sector is backbone of any counties economy. Indian manufacturing industries are successfully competing in Global Market. But still they are not developed as IT Industries. Some of major problem they are facing are under utilization of technologies, poor infrastructure, over staffed, expensive finance and not so advanced marketing strategies. So manufacturers are adopting various technologies to stand in this strong competitive market.

Bulk SMS Technology is widely used in all the sectors in the industries. Even-in the manufacturing industries are using this Bulk SMS TechnologyBulk SMS Technology is very cost effective and not very time consuming. You can say through Bulk SMS technology now communication can be possible between men and machines.


1) bulk sms helps in checking and keeping track on Human Resource Management. Through Bulk SMS  management can monitor their employees from different location.

2) It helps in marketing of their product. Through   Bulk SMS  they can reach to their target customer. They can give notification to their existing customer.

3) Automate billing, invoicing, payments, and collections can be send through SMS.

4) For internal communication they can use SMS technology for giving information regarding delivery of products, dispatching, of order and order confirmation can be sent through SMS.

5) Purchase team is getting alerts about the inventories like materials and equipment. SMS technology helps in managing huge plants and factories very effectively and it is reliable way also. Fast communication can be possible between different branches, departments by using SMS technology…

Our Bulk SMS Marketing solutions are aimed at generating consistent leads to our clients from diverse background. We put together a series of marketing strategies in order to achieve best results for our esteem clients. Being a online SMS provider who supports web based application of SMS in India used to send bulk SMS from internet using HTTP and SMTP server filter out the DND data following all regulation of NCCP registry and TRAI guidelines by sending SMS to only option base which are non-DND mobile numbers that too as per the timings of 9 am to 9 pm as per TRAI latest directives.

Bulk SMS in Chennai: Bulk SMS is nothing but a tool or service through which you can market your product and services. In these days of heavy competition, bulk SMS service providers in Chennai  companies struggle to find place in the customer’s mind. However, we’ll ensure that you find place in their mobile inbox. Now, once you enter their inbox, it doesn’t take much time for them to catch up with your business and market any product or service with the medium of bulk SMS in India where you can send SMS from web online medium to any mobile in India. These SMS in bulk are known as bulk SMS.

It’s Time for Bulk SMS Action in Media and Entertainment Industry

The widespread industry of Media and Entertainment encompasses Television, Radio, Movies, Music, Theater, Games, Home Entertainment, Cinema, Art and Culture and many more. Considered one of the most creative and interesting sector, Media and Entertainment seems to be growing each and every day with many events, media and entertainment companies emerging across the globe . Known for its dynamic opportunities, lot more youngsters are getting attracted to this new mantra of Mediatainment.

Since long the Media and Entertainment industry has attracted a huge amount of audience and to maintain the same level of association with the people and increase revenue growth for the industry, it has become necessary to provide customers and viewers with excellent entertainment with cost-effective measures which can be made available to them all throughout 24*7.

The most important aspect for any media channel is to get acknowledged to new technology systems, expand new distribution avenues for sales and understand the needs of demanding consumers. At times it becomes challenging to manage cost, find better ways to communicate messages to masses at large and delivery productive results. Though, there are numerous gateways to communicate, the use of Mobile technology has indeed helped the Media and Entertainment Industry to reach out larger section of audience.

In Today’s times, the Indian entertainment segment has largely focused on Digitization and Internet resources to promote their work and services. Though this Industry revolves around Creativity and Innovations, it becomes necessary to promote businesses in right sense. As there has been increase in mobile penetration and every other individual owns a cell phone, Mobile SMS service seems to be the effective modes of marketing communication for Entertainment Industry. Viewers can get connected directly by sending SMS with the programs and shows contest. SMS voting and SMS polls are the few favorites among the audiences. Such campaigns not only generate higher revenues for the Entertainment Industry but also help the viewers to interact in much better way.

It can be either promotion of a new song or a new movie, announcement of movie release date or information on latest premier shows, Launch of new TV Channel or new music video can be easily communicated via Bulk Messaging service. Media companies find these services to be very economical, effective and more customers centric while disseminating information.

Chennai Company is the best way to attract viewers by sending them out information and news related to Media and Entertainment Industry via bulk messaging services. Our services will assure you to promote a show or a project by projecting SMS polling, SMS campaigns, SMS contest, SMS voting and many more services. We at Chennai Company, also provide services to international clients also. Ensuring best of SMS services, our bulk messaging will help Media and Entertainment clients to save time and cost while promoting positive brand experience. We can truly say that SMS messaging is indeed a super hit formula for Media and Entertainment Industry.

Chennai Company is leading and one of the oldest bulk sms suppliers in india. We proud to provide our bulk sms service in whole india for NGO Organisation also with good service quality. Our own Software for SMS Interface will enable you to experience the real beauty of BULK SMS Service for NGO Organisation Our Web based Bulk SMS Software offers a very useful set of features like real time bulk SMS delivery reports, user friendly contact list management, export import excel CSV format files functionality, very advance scheduling functionalities, basic SMS functionalities like group, template etc. Apart from all this features Hemsmedia always wins at their Service side. in any odd cases or rules changes from government side, Chennai Company always gives prompt reply to all new bulk sms inquiries as well as current NGO Organisation bulk sms customers  and even educate them the right way to adopt the bulk sms service. Consistency in this bulk sms market is one of the parameter that customers can check the genuineness of bulk sms supplier in Chennai.

Is charity giving like investing?

So what does the world of investments have to do with giving money to charity? To help give to those who are spending their lives for various causes? What is the connection between building a database for stock markets and a noble cause like setting up and running a charity? As it turns out – a lot.

Consultants have diversified their core business of Consultancy over a period of time. Be it for job placements or career guidance for overseas education or any other consultancy services, these consultants have proved their ability to help the needy. For past many years, it’s been a challenge to find a right candidate for the right job and vice a versa. Job placement agencies and consultancy till recently have been finding out effective methods to simplify the process. Today across the globe there are many placement consultant companies who are offering best of placement services offering best job opportunities for the right candidate. Most of the corporate, online business houses, big as well small industries outsource their recruitment process to these placement agencies. These agencies with their customer data source select the best suitable candidates for the desired role. Even for overseas education, these consultants offer career guidance, visa and travel assistance, admission process, overseas educational curriculum, etc to its students and parent’s community at large who are looking for pursuing higher education abroad.

Though communication plays a vital role, placements and Overseas Education consultant companies have a larger role to play.  For placement consultants, right from resume building to candidate screening, initial interviews to checking candidate background details, short-listing to final placing of candidates are few of the important duties that they have to handle. Giving career guidance, providing overseas educational options, helping out smooth travel and visa process, listing out universities and campus admission procedure, handling personalized consultancy for students who want to pursue higher education abroad are few of the services provided by overseas educational consultants.

To ensure effective communication among its clients, placement and overseas educational consultants are using Bulk Messaging Service.  They send out messages regarding job openings to suitable candidates and generate interest among them. This SMS service allows consultants to simplify the recruitment process which in turn saves lot of time and money. SMS helps to reduce the gap between the jobs and the right candidates thereby helping the placement consultants to do their work in the right manner. With the help of bulk sms service in Chennai, loads of Information is carried out quickly and in most effective way that ensures required jobs and vacancies are filled by the right candidate on regular basis.

Even for Overseas Education Consultants, these bulk sms services in Chennai is used to send out information to students regarding all stages of abroad study tenure right from pre-school to post-university stay. Alerts on fee structure, visa details, admission procedure, best known universities and accommodation details are disseminated via SMS service.

We at Chennai Company understand the importance of communication and its proper usage that’s required for placements and overseas education consultation firms. Our bulk messaging services ensures quickest and fastest mode to disseminate accurate information in timely manner to the right candidates. We offer highly interactive and cost effective text messaging service. In a nutshell,Chennai Company ensures best of SMS service to both consultant and end users who strive to get hold of opportunities that are coming in their way.


As consumers become more and more informed, it’s imperative to reach them through more innovative – untraditional ways. Online sms or bulk sms is considered to be the cheapest and fastest medium for marketing. Might it be any Event – Store opening, SALE / Discount, Product Launch, etc – with Chennai Company’s web SMS advertising tool you can reach the consumer fastest, repeatedly and at low cost. Chennai Company’s SMS website is also used effectively by retailers for responding to orders, Informing about wish-list arrival, delivery status, timely collections and internal communication. Setting up a SMS marketing campaign with Chennai Company’s SMS is easy and very cost-effective – working out at a fraction of the cost of a phone call or any advertisement campaign.


Stock markets rule the economy for any nation. It is one Industry which is quite volatile all the time. Ups and downs are the part and parcel of any stock market. Stocks that are supposed to be up for some time may crash down immediately used bulk SMS . Terms like BSE, NSE, Nifty, FOREX, IPOs, Intra Day, etc… are like lifeguards for stock brokers who deal in stock markets every day. No wonder these stock brokers act as a financial advisor giving guidance and advise to all stock market investors. Providing minute by minute information on stocks, news and analysis of shares, updating ‘dips’ and ‘highs’ are few of the basics that stock brokers have to keep track of regularly and disseminate the same to these investors on timely manner.

Though time is the major factor, it becomes crucial for stock brokers to update their clients about market fluctuations on real time basis. Quick and timely communication about the status of the volatile market between the investors and brokers is the need of an hour. To ease the instantaneous communication, bulk SMS Services in chennai seem to be the best option for stock brokers to serve their clients. Risks being the major indicator, stock brokers keep a close watch about the market trends every minute and help the investors in the best possible way. Stock brokers suggest and advise market investors and customers about each and every aspect of financial investments, various stock options, stock trading inputs, information on company, shares dividend & types of shares, debentures, securities, mutual funds investment options, derivatives strategies, market expert advice and much more services related to stock market via Mobile Messaging service. Today, bulk SMS services seems to be best suited mode of communication for stock brokers and financial advisers as they help to inform investors about changing market conditions instantly.



Today Hotel industry is gearing up to the power of text messaging or bulk SMS service to increase their sales and business during off peak periods.


DND open Bulk SMS service Providers is only for registered organisation, clubs, societies or institutes. This service bulk SMS India is for sending information SMS to their registered members/users/clients only.


Predesign cost estimates are usually determined by parametric modeling technique during these early project stages, as detailed cost estimation cannot be performed.


The Sender ID Framework looks up the SPF record of the domain that Sender is using for sending the mail.


The biggest advantages of a dedicated server are that it is not shared with other user and allows greater control and improved reliability of bulk SMS service.


Use SMS Gateway software and purchase SMS for sending bulk texts to your clients with special offers, discounts, information about appointments.


 Bulk SMS in Chennai for Health Care Companies. Every development in technology makes an advantage on making life easier for people. Aside from the internet, the invention of mobile phones makes information sent almost at the speed of light. One of the fields that take on a great advantage is faster provision and render of services in the most essential fields such as medicine and health care. For example, Information Technology is now used by companies for medicine and pharmaceutical services. Bulk SMS gateway India is one of those that adapted the means to send information to their customers and product users.
Dosage Reminder: Admonishing the appropriate dosage, indications and contra-indications is helpful for the awareness of those who take the product. This will instruct them of getting the most effective of the product and likewise warn them of the possible side effects etc.

Reminder for Payments: A medicine or pharmaceutical company can also use the same system for their dealers for payment receivables and other information as well. This marketing and financial management is used for Bulk SMS reseller India.

Store Locator: Bulk SMS gateway India is also used for locating stores where customers can buy the products.

Alerts to patients on promotional schemes (e.g. free diabetes test this weekend). Patients can query doctor/ambulance availability/test reports. Alerts to patients on change of appointment. Send OPD schedule updates to doctors. Alerts to specialists on being assigned to an in-patient. Send information on new product launches to doctors. Collect and send critical information to the pharma sales force. Reminder of taking vaccine on particular time.


You can use bulk SMS Service for Health Care Industry to sending medical and health related alerts to doctors, patients, hospital staffs for payment reminders, medical prescription, medicine reminder with in 5 sec.


Reminders to patients for timely preventive check-ups.

Alerts to parents for vaccination.

Tip-of-day to chronic patients.

Tips related to environment.

Information to doctors on new research.

Patients can query/receive diagnosis reports.


Mobile marketing via bulk SMS services can be useful for a variety of financial services, such as: share management, debt collection, mortgages, insurance, loans, banking and so on. In this sector, time really is money, and often information has to be sent urgently according to fluctuations in the market. SMS Banking and SMS Insurance are ideal for being sent to large databases of clients’ mobile numbers (bulk SMS), in just one, simple step, reaching all of them simultaneously. It’s fast, and cost-effective too.

Brokers and financial agencies can carry out promo-publicity campaigns on databases, in which they offer contact/follow-up with a financial consultant, and send out up-to-the-minute information to their customers through bulk SMS Finance. Insurance firms/agencies can remind their customers of the expiry dates of their policies.

The application will help you in keeping your customer abreast about his premium dues and also the personalized message to him will help you in creating a lasting impression on the customers mind. A must have application for all insurance agents and we have a special administration level application for large insurance agencies for maintaining the record for all the sub-agents under them.

Insurance provides your family with a sum of money should something happen to you. It protects your family from financial crises.

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