Advertise in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most populated city in India. Chennai has seen a huge development on various business fields like Information Technology, automobile manufacturing industry and more.Since there are huge number of businesses and companies in Chennai that are primarily looking to reach customers, the only way that a company can reach the customers is through Advertising and Marketing.

In Chennai the advertising can be done in several formats namely print media, specialty media, broadcast media and online media.

  • Print media : Newspapers , Magazines, direct mail posting and billboards comes under print media which uses printed material as their advertisement format.
  • Speciality media : Coupons, gift cards, vouchers,remembering card and offer cards comes under this category whereby customer receives the giveaway items and later use these items for future purchase,This in turn spreads the business name and it’s promotional message.
  • Online media : The businesses that advertise on the Internet world with their ads on website of other businesses or on home pages of Internet Search engine. Online media involves communication using the Internet as a form of advertising which is relative linear to the businesses and is growing in use.
  • Broadcast media : Broadcast media consists of radio and television broadcasting ads thereby enabling business reach direct home customers in everyday life.

Types of advertising trusted by businesses in Chennai

  • Billboard advertising
  • Bus advertising
  • Auto Advertising
  • Mobile van advertising
  • Road median advertising
  • Lamp post banner advertising
  • No parking board advertising
  • Newspapers
  • Brand websites
  • Television
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • Brand sponsorship
  • Direct Mail Posts
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine advertising
  • Online banner display advertising
  • Sms marketing
  • Ads before movies and more
  • SEO marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Contact Marketing
  • Browsers / sales material
  • TR / media relations
  • Lead services
  • Survey in marketing research

Techniques of advertising in Chennai

  • The Product advertising containing a company product information
  • Institutional advertising design to convey about the business information and build good Goodwill for the company
  • Full demand advertising which is addressed to the purchaser to increase the demand for the relevant project
  • Push advertising domain is an advertising techniques that is aimed at dealers