How to advertise on Chennai MTC Buses

In Chennai , bus advertising & buses are medium used by the advertisers to reach the public with their message. The advertisers’s message reaches to every people at every place in chennai city. The displays are commonly placed inside and outside of the buses which comes with classical size and high impact signature formats.These ads are done by our domain experts with professional approach. Ads inside the bus are attached to driver back cabin & window on top. so that people can easily look over that. Outside the bus, ads are printed on panel boards fitted at rear of buses and sides of bus so that all walkers can keep eye on it.

Chennai Bus advertisement is the easiest and fastest growing medium to share advertisers message to all people in the city. Since it moves to all areas where people move, your ad gets more visible to people. Due to low cost with great visibility to people, statistics says that bus advertising have created a great impression to pass branding promotional message & information’s. The cost of advertisement is affordable to everyone and our service is focused to save your valuable time.

MTC Bus advertising in Chennai is usually done in all MTC buses where ads are placed at back, sides and inside the buses. Since the buses move through all streets in this metropolitan city the promotional information is all set to be reach people.Bus branding usually promotes services related to government departments, business, agencies, institutions, industries and so on.The fixation activities are usually done by the professional to make sure the ad gives people the clear information. The advertisement may be used for inauguration of companies, launching of any new product or short time some offers. A report for every advertisement is updated to the client by giving photos of each ad designed.The ads fitted in the bus attract people who stand in bus stop and also the people who cross the bus. In some cases specific bus routes are selected to advertise the ads so that it could reach all people effectively. This ensures & enhances the reputation of a brand & its value. People who are interested to reach the large public at the earliest, can surely make use of this bus advertisements.

Simple Steps to advertise on Chennai Buses:

Step 1: Choose your preferred bus routes to advertise

Step 2: Creative design/Artwork Submission to MTC to take about 2-3 days for approval

Step 3: printing and Mounting of approved design on Buses

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